About Our Facilities and Services

Our facilities are fully insured, burglar alarm and fire sprinkler protected by automatic central station supervision. We have a sanitation management program and are certified by the American Institute of Baking and USDA as a food grade warehouse.

We do not store hazardous materials.

Elmwood Warehousing and the Bailey family look forward to doing business with you.


  • Handling at the pallet, case or unit level
  • Cross docking services
  • Verification of count and condition of product
  • Computerized inventory control by item location and code date.


  • Freezer temperatures at 0° F -10°F.
  • Refrigerated temperature range: from +33° F to +44° F.
  • Ambient temperature for storage of dry goods. 60°F-85°F maintain.
  • Product Tempering: From frozen state to refrigerated.
  • Cycle Count

Value Added Services

  • Pick, Pack & Ship
  • Repackaging, Re-casing, Repalletizing
  • Cross Docking
  • Tempering
  • Consolidated Distrubution
  • Slip Sheet Push/Pull
  • Pallet Clamp
  • Stretch Wrapping

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